Happy new year!!!


Dear directors,

The next lab will take place 15-20 July 2018. Apply now! 

Every theater artist, new or experienced, understands quickly that the most important thing to our development as directors is expending our horizons, learning new techniques, refreshing our knowledge and more so, discovering what’s new in the theater world on an international scale- for theater is an international language!

It’s time to get to know INSTED ISRAEL lab!

In the course of an intensive and fascinating week you’ll meet with young theater directors from all over the world, making their steps in the theater world- just like you.

The lab will have: Discussions, professional workshops, shows and performances, panels and more.

Sounds interesting?

Take a tour in our website, and discover the international lab that will promote you work and art, in your own country and world-wide!

So, what is a “Directors Lab”?


A “Directors Lab” is a week-long intensive in which professional theater directors get together to enrich their professional knowledge.During this week, the participants learn from each other, while being exposed to renowned theatre directors.

What does it mean that it’s International?

In our lab, we have extended the concept from a local enterprise to an international one. We did that to expand the database of the acquired knowledge, and in order to encourage a wide span, global cooperations.

What is it good for?

Oh, well we are glad you asked…

  1. We wanted to expose Israel’s unique creators and local creation, to other creators all around the world.
  2. Each director in the “Directors Lab” passes on information about at least 3 different festivals they participated in (which are worth knowing about). All the participants get a list full of festivals around the world, so they can expose their own creations in.
  3. The participants of the “Directors Lab” get to meet creators from all around the world in person. Interacting and making strong connections by experiencing together is what we are all about.

So, what’s the plan for the week?

  1. Attending workshops with the best directors and creators in Israel – practical workshops, not just theory. Everything that happens in the “Directors lab” is oriented to be something you can take on to your own personal creation.
  2. Exposing your own creation and work method in a “Work In Process” concept – Each director gets 3 minutes to present a creation he is working on or plans to work on in the future and pitch it to the team. Unlike pitching to potential buyers, pitching within the lab helps you experience pitching in English in a safe environment while brainstorming with others and receiving fresh and constructive insights.

Hold on… Who are the creators that will conduct the workshops?

Amongst the instructors that participated in the “Directors Lab” in the past few years, you can find the front line of artists and creators in Israel, such as: Renana Raz, Zvi Sahar, director and creator Ruth Kanner and actors of her group, Israel’s award-winning director Rina Yerushalmy, Dr. Chen Alon, and many others.

So who will conduct the workshops this year?

We choose our instructors after receiving all applications to the lab, according to the characteristics of the specific group of each year, and the interests of the participators.

*Due to lessons learned from past years, some of the workshops will be conducted by participants of the “Directors Lab”.

How will the participants be chosen for that?

In the act of filling the application forms, each director will suggest an idea for a professional workshop that he is willing to conduct. Out of the 12 accepted to this year’s lab, 4 will be chosen to conduct their suggested workshop.

And besides learning, connecting, exposing, enriching each other with ideas, brainstorming and so on… Is there any product at the end of the week?

In the course of the week, participants in the “Directors Lab” will be split into small work groups (up to four participants, two from Israel and two from other countries) and produce a new creation, inspired by the workshops, lectures, plays and other content they have been exposed to.

The separation into small groups will allow participators to fully express themselves, and to contribute to others in an optimal way.

Has there ever been a local or international cooperation that started in the lab?

Within the work groups of past labs, many professional connections between participants have been established, leading to creating plays together in the course of their professional career. You can read more about these cooperations in the section dedicated to the participant experience from the past years.

I didn’t quite follow… are we working in groups or attending workshops?

In principle, 60% of the week will be dedicated to workshops and inspirational events, and the rest of the 40% will be dedicated to working in groups while Implying the tools learned in the lab.

Who attends the “Directors Lab”?

Directors between the ages of 23 to 65, English speakers, graduates from schools and universities around the world, those who direct fringe theater and those who direct in commercial ones.

Who is the “Directors Lab” for?

 Directors with a diverse production resume, who have interest in creating international work connections. If you are curious and thirsty for knowledge, you belong in the lab.

How can I be sure that I will really have something to learn from the other participants of the lab?

INSTED participators are strictly chosen after answering an extended questionnaire. Not all those who apply are accepted.

Ok, sounds interesting. Who can I talk to in order to get more info and opinions?

First of all, you can find reviews of participants from past labs following this page.

Second, you can contact some participants directly. Their names and contact information are right here: Jonathan Szwarc, Elad Sharabi, Sharon Gombosh, Itai Doron, Gonny Shoham.

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions. Check out our website, or email us at